postheadericon Week 11 Stats 4/8/14


6-0s  Robert Gardner, James Wester, Chris Clark

5-1s  Ernesto Arredondo, Vu Pham, Charlie Sembera, Anthony Gomez,

         Aaron Vasquez

Goose Eggs  Aaron V. to Kory H., Chris C. to Jeff W.

Break N Runs  Aaron Vasquez


postheadericon Week 10 Stats 4/1/14


6-0's - Robert Gardner

5-1's - Trung Duong, Chris Clark

Goose Eggs - James W to Matt N, Aaron V to Sam H


postheadericon Week 9 Stats 3/25/14


6-0s  Ernesto Arredondo, Charlie Sembera, James Wester, Mike Guajardo

5-1s  Art Giraldo, Gary Reilly

Goose Eggs  George F. to Annette S., James W. to John A., Chris F. to David G

Break N Runs  George Fishman

About Lone Star 8 Ball League
Lone Star 8 Ball Pool League is a 3 person, 8-ball, BCA sanctioned, handicapped pool league, that plays at Fast Eddies on the Gulf Freeway, Tuesday nights. We will take new teams for 2 weeks after the start of every new league. No League experience necessary. We love beginners! If you don't have a full team, come anyway, you can join up with others! Our league is very relaxed and easy going with a wide range of player abilities. We finish every league session with a Scotch Doubles Tournament (blind draw, teams are mixed by handicap). Over half of your pay-in ($2.00 per week) is paid out in Trophies, Tournament prize money, food, and door prizes at the end of each league session. Where else can you pay $2.00 for a night of pool and fun?
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